Faculty of Tarbiyah and Education


The SPIEE was established in 2007, based on the Decree of General Director of Islamic Education at Indonesian Ministry of Religious Affairs Number Dj.I/257/2007. The establishment then strengthen by the Decree of the Director General of Islamic Education No. Dj.I/39 of 2010 about the Extension of Operational Permits of the SPIEE at the SIUSK, in 2010.

At this time, the SPIEE has been accredited 'A' by the National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (NAA-HE) in 2015 and has been recognized by the TUV Rheinland accreditation board in Germany. This recognition has impacted the SPIEE’s commitment for continuous improvement, with reference to the provisions, rules and regulations and using systematic and periodical monitoring and evaluation activities.


SK Pendirian Prodi: Dirjen Pendidikan Islam, Dj.I/257/2007, July 10th , 2007

Akreditasi A, SK BAN-PT No. 1201/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/S/XII/2015, December 12th , 2015

TUV, ISO 9001:2015, No.Register 824 100 12 190, July 17th , 2017




Vision, Mission & Goals


Superior, leading, being a reference for similar department in Indonesia in integration and development of Islamic elementary education and science for civilization until the year 2019.



  1. To provide quality–oriented education for Islamic Elementary School/Elementary School (IES/ES) teachers
  2. To develop education for Islamic Elementary School (IES/ES) teachers that having broader knowledge, science and technology and good behaviour.
  3. To conduct integrative-interconnective research in the field of  elementary education
  4. Enhance the role of SPIEE in the social service.
  5. To increase cooperation with various parties both within and outside the country.



  1. To provide teacher for Islamic Elementary School/Elementary School (IES/ES).
  2. To provide educational-entrepreneur in elementary school level.


Curriculum Structure

Graduates‘ Profile and Description





Teacher for Islamic Elementary School/Elementary School (IES/ES)

Becoming teacher/tutor/instructor on Islam and general primary education institution who are able to master students’ psychology and development’ learning material and strategy; school management; education policy, and build communication and networking both local or global as the Islamic values and national culture.


Edupreuner on elementary school level

Becoming an entrepreneur in media and learning source field, scouting, creative and innovative art, based on Islamic and national culture values.



Expected Learning Outcomes

The process of Expected Learning Outcomes (ELO) is formulated and can be seen through the figure below:


After vision and mission of SPIEE are formulated, the next step is to conduct a need analysis through the tracer study by involving the stakeholders such as graduates, users, and labour market. The analysis is needed to get information of graduate profile.